Residential Mortgages

If you are shopping for a mortgage you are likely searching for the best possible rate, terms and costs.

If you are searching on the internet, you typically find that companies will sell your loan request as a lead to multiple mortgage companies.  Between internet quotes and emailed good faith estimates, how do truly compare who has the best deal for you?

You have found what you are looking for at Myers Capital. We provide fully transparent, live pricing done in real time, and only found in our office locations.  Because we specialize in high quality loan requests, our live pricing allows us to offer rates .25% - .5% lower than any other lender.

To see how this works to your benefit, call Myers Capital to set up a time to see live pricing for your particular loan request to show you exactly, with full transparency, how much we can actually save you compared to a typical mortgage lender. This service is free of charge. You will be amazed.